A Beginner's Guide to The Different Types of Tires

May 23rd, 2016

You car is like your child, and you will do whatever it takes to care for it properly. If you don't follow the proper precautions, your car will be neglected and may even suffer irreparable damage. In fact, neglecting cars costs the American economy over $2 billion each year.

There are some quick and simple tips that will help you service your vehicle. Rotate your tires every 7,500 miles, and check your tire alignment every 6,000 miles or when you have your oil changed. If you do not do this, your tires will prematurely wear down, costing you a fortune in the long run.

But say you are looking to find tires right now for your vehicle. You need new tires because of wear and tear, so you go to your neighborhood friendly auto mechanic and look through their large selection of tires. The only problem is that there are too many to choose from! How do you know what ones are right for your vehicle? Read on below for a simplified breakdown to help make shopping e ...[more]

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Do You Know How to Choose the Best Off Road Tires?

February 8th, 2016

tires-puyallup-waOff-roading may be a necessity of your lifestyle, or an exciting weekend diversion. In either case, you may already know what it’s like to encounter a situation that your tires are not prepared for. A particularly muddy path, or a snowy and slush-filled road can both prove challenging to a vehicle that is equipped with the wrong type of off road tires. Whether you choose Dunlop tires, or Goodyear tires, here are the two biggest questions that you should ask yourself when considering your options.

Where do you plan to off road?

Off road tires come in a myriad of treads and sizes. For most people, one of the following three types of tires will be sufficient.

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How Can You Avoid Costly Repairs? Three Tips for Vehicle Maintenance

December 18th, 2015

tires-puyallup-waDid you know that demand for auto repairs is anticipated to rise almost 10% over the next year? This is probably because the auto industry in general is expected to experience a 3% growth rate as the economy picks up. For better or for worse, more cars means more repairs, and getting your car fixed up is no small task. Here are three tips, though, for maintaining your vehicle through the fair and tough weather.





1. Consider Upgrading Your Tires

Did you know that the average tire lasts for 25,000 to 50,000 miles? When it comes to buying tires, the right fit for your car and lifestyle can impact fuel economy ...[more]

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Time To Buy Some New Tires? What Kind Do You Need?

December 3rd, 2015

No one looks fotires-puyall-warward to it, but it’s an inevitability that everyone must face at some point in their lives. Everybody needs to buy new tires eventually. It’s no fun. And it’s a tough decision. But it’s one that you have to make. And if you can go into it educated and prepared, you’ll find it that much easier and less stressful.

Types of Tires

To begin with, do you know what kind of new tires you need? Are you looking for a simple standard pair for your little sedan? Or perhaps you want your car to be safer and handle better in the winter time, so you are interested in a pair of snow tires for the winter months. Snow tires are great because they increase the gr ...[more]

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Four Signs It May Be Time for New Tires

March 25th, 2015

tires-puyallup-waAre you noticing that your car is not acting like it normally does? Has your gas mileage decreased along with your confidence when you are maneuvering around corners? If you are unsure if it is time to seek a professional in tire sales, here are four indicators that you should make the call.

Pay Attention to the Feel of Your Car

Whether you have Goodyear tires or Dunlop tires, if your car starts to shake violently when you approach high speeds, then there is a good chance your tires are worn out. Christopher Lampton writes in his article “5 Warning Signs You Need New Tires” that you should expect some vibration when you are driving. After all, vibration is a natural by-product of mechanical f ...[more]

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