Years or Mileage: What's The True Age of Your Car?

January 28th, 2015
auto repair Puyallup GoodyearHere are two interesting facts that have presented themselves in the last few years. 
One is that there are now more vehicles than drivers in the United States, a situation that would have been unimaginable 50 or 60 years ago. The other is that the average age of a vehicle on the road today is 11.4 years, meaning that build quality and engineering of cars has improved for a longer service life. 
That does pose a couple of problems, though. 
  • Lots of households keep a second car or light truck around, even though it doesn’t get driven much. Those low miles of service, though, don’t mean that there aren’t maintenance and auto repair needs ...[more]
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A Long-Lasting Love: Giving the Rides of Our Lives Some TLC

January 12th, 2015

By Kara Bishop
VehicleMD Staff Writer
Originally published in Winter 2011 issue

When I was little I loved riding my horse, Bear. One day when I was riding, I spurred him and made him run laps around our arena for a long time, not letting him stop. My dad finally stopped me and asked, “How would you like to run for that long with someone riding you?” I realized that my “ride” needed special consideration.

The same applies to the “rides” we drive today. The engines underneath their hoods work hard all day long as we journey to and from work, run errands or just take joy rides.

Just as I once did with my horse, we tend to take advantage of our cars and their hard-working engines, spurring them on to work harder and endure longer service intervals. But just like a horse can only endure so much running without a break, your engine can on ...[more]

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