October Tire Spotlight: Dunlop Signature HP

October 16th, 2015
Dunlop Tires in Puyallup, WADrivers of coupes and sedans who expect a little more out of their vehicles love the Dunlop Signature HP tire line. The Signature HP uses a high-performance all-season tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design. Its broad outboard shoulder blocks and intermediate and center ribs are designed to enhance cornering stability and steering response. An intermediate rib and innovative shoulder design help pump water away from the tire’s contact patch, for better wet-weather traction. When the weather turns nasty, a dense pattern of sipes offers more biting edges for wintry traction. 
The Dunlop Signature HP is a true ultra-high-performance tire with speed ratings of V or W (149 or 168 mph). ...[more]
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How Oil Change Monitors Work – And What They’re Not Telling You

October 2nd, 2015

By Garrett McKinnon
VehicleMD Staff Writer
Originally published in Winter 2011 issue

BMWs have them. Mercedes, too. And so do Audis, Volvos, Lexuses (Lexii?), Acuras and others. What are “they,” you might ask? Oil change indicator lights. And they’re not just confined to luxury makes, either. Almost every GM vehicle made since 2004 has come standard with the company’s “Oil Life System,” and companies like Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and others are increasingly putting oil change reminder systems in their cars.

But what do these little lights and flashing messages really tell you about the condition of your car’s motor oil? And how do they know when your motor oil needs to be changed? Osmosis? Magic? Lucky guess?

Regardless of the automaker, today’s oil life reminder systems all have one thing in common: They do not physicall ...[more]

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