5 Things Your Auto Mechanic Wants You to Know

September 21st, 2016

Your friendly auto mechanic has been able to save the day from catastrophe more times than you can count. However, these auto technicians want to ask you something in return -- listen to their wisdom. Here are five things they'd like their customers to know.

Timely diagnotic services for timely repairs at Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech1. Give Them As Many Details As Possible

While your mechanic is happy to provide you with any auto repair services you may require, simply saying "my car died" is not helpful. It is important to give them as many details as possible when explaining what happened to your car, including what speed you were driving when it broke down, if there were any unusual sounds or vibrations, if you noticed any smoke or odor, or if there were any dashboard lights illuminated before it died. This is the key to the most efficient auto repairs possible.

2. Let The Mechanic Diagnose The Problem

The mechanics are the experts, and are specifically trained to figure out what is wrong with your car. It can be frustrating for all involved if you have made an incorrect diagnosis and expect specific repairs to happen when you may not need them. For example you may believe your car's alignment is off, but really the problem is that you need new tires!

Let your local Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech Mechanic Diagnose your Check Engine Light

3. Your Dashboard Indicator Lights Are There For A Reason

It is incredibly important to understand what each indicator light means when it is lit up. Doing so can help you avoid many complicated problem and expensive auto repair services, and a simple look in your car manual can save many headaches down the road.

4. Simple Checks Can Prevent Car Breakdowns

You do not have to be a vehicle expert to give your car some simple TLC. For instance, car breakdowns can be prevented by checking vehicle belts and hoses, and replacing them when worn. This easy check is important considering at least one belt was reported unsatisfactory in about 19% of vehicles inspected by auto mechanics annually.

5. Feel Free To Call Us

Even if you have a simple question, we are here to help you. If you have a question about your car's warranty, a weird sound you are hearing, or if you are unsure whether your car needs service, just call us.

Obtaining quality auto repair services is important to maintain the longevity of your car. You invest in a quality car so it is crucial to invest in a quality auto mechanic, and your car will thank you!

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