Basic Car Maintenance Mistakes And How to Prevent Them

June 10th, 2016

In order to stay in the same condition you bought it in, a car needs to have proper preventative maintenance. But for those who aren't that car savvy, auto repairs can be confusing. Neglecting vehicles costs the economy over $2 billion every year and these are costs that can be quite expensive. So luckily for you, we've outlined some basic car maintenance mistakes and how to service your vehicle when needed.

Skipping oil changes

Each vehicle requires proper engine lubrication in order to function properly. Old and dirty oil sits in the engine and breaks down into a sludge-like material that can deposit all over your engine. And when the engine isn't clean, it will not work properly and can seize up and die. Getting regular oil changes will help ensure a long engine life and will help your vehicle ride smoothily.

Ignoring the check engine light

We have all been there, where we see a mysterious light pop up on our dashboards and then go and forget about it. When the check engine light comes on, usually your car seems to be fine so you keep on driving. This is a huge mistake. If not checked, your engine can spontaneously break down, potentially causing an accident.

Not using car filters

These often get forgotten because many drivers do not realize their importance. Filters need to be changed often so they can help your car run optimally, because they keep dirt and other particles away from your engine and air conditioning system. If not changed, they can lead to low gas mileage along with the prematurely wearing down of system components.

Not investing in your tires

Your tires are responsible for the overall well-being of your car, so it is important to take care of them properly. You should rotate each tire about every 7,500 miles and check their alignment every time your oil is changed. It is easy to figure out when you need new tires, as you can do the penny test to check your tire wear. This is when you take a penny and with Lincoln's head upside down put it between the tread blocks of the tire. If you are able to see his head, head over to your neighborhood friendly auto mechanic and pick out some new ones.

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