Do You Hear That? 3 Common Sounds Your Car Makes and What To Do About Them

October 24th, 2016

A moving car makes many noises, most of which are reassuring; the engine rumbling, the tires humming, the turn signal clicking. However, every car owner has heard a weird sound coming from their car at least once while driving. These sounds vary; they could be nothing to worry about or hint to you that you may need a visit to a friendly auto mechanic to service your vehicle.

Here we have compiled a list of three common sounds you may hear in your car, and what to do about them.

Sound #1

  • The sound? A constant thump-thump-thump.
  • Where is it coming from? Your tires. Could be just one, or all four.
  • When you hear it? When you first start your car, when you are stopping, and when you are going low speeds.
  • What is it? Chances are you have a flat tire. Generally, you need new tires around every 10,000 miles, and you should rotate your tires every 7,5000 miles in order to optimize the use from each one.
  • What to do? Just head to the mechanic for new car tires.

Sound #2

  • The sound? A swishing, "FFFFF" noise.
  • Where is it coming from? Under your hood.
  • When you hear it? When your car is idling, and starting up.
  • What is it? One of the exhaust manifold gaskets has failed, which vents hot exhaust into their air. The "FFFFF" noise is the sound of the gas leaking out of the gasket.
  • What to do? If you hear this noise, it is especially urgent. This leak will not get better by itself, and the gasses emitted can be dangerous if ingested.

Sound #3

  • The sound? Your car sounds like a clock: tick, tick, ticking.
  • Where is it coming from? Under the center of the car, closest to the trunk.
  • When you hear it? Whenever your car is in motion, and the ticking increases when your car goes faster.
  • What is it? A u-joint in your driveshaft has become loose.
  • What to do? All the u-joints in your car must be replaced. A u-joint connects the propeller shaft of the car and allows the rear axle to move up and down when the car is in motion, especially four wheel drive.

If you hear any of these three common sounds, it is important you service your vehicle right away. Have any questions on whether the noise you are hearing in your vehicle is normal? Call Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech today with any questions.

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