tires-puyallup-waDid you know that almost 175,000 businesses in the U.S. are auto repair companies? The purpose of any auto repair business is to diagnose and fix vehicle problems as quickly and as accurately as possible. Between 2006 and 2016, there is expected to be a 14% jump in the number of auto mechanics. If you are looking for a qualified, trustworthy mechanic, look for places that have Automotive Service Excellence certified employees. When it comes to options for your car repair, there are several things you should know.

1. Tires

Are the tires your mechanic recommends the best fit for you? All terrain tires like Goodyear tires are one option they might recommend. These tires are not just for going off the road, but are also ideal for better traction and better noise reduction. Snow tires are a good investment for people living in areas that are likely to have icy or snowy conditions during the winter. They have an increased number of tire sips that increase traction, while reducing grip on wet roads. The average price of a new tire is about $80, though overall cost depends on tire type and labor.

2. A/C Repair

If the AC breaks in your car, you might need to spend a few long days sweating it out before you work your way over to the repair shop. When an AC needs to be repaired, it is usually because refrigerant is leaking, or because the fittings, seals, or hoses come loose. Issues like leaks can cause damage to other components if you delay getting it fixed for too long. A vehicle repair shop can fix this issues, and will probably recharge the system as well. The average cost of this procedure is about $500.

3. Engine Repair

Have you been ignoring that little light on your dashboard telling you to get your engine checked? CarMD reports that you are not alone. Nine million U.S. drivers, in fact, have ignored that light for three months or even longer. When this happens, though, you should be taking your car in as soon as possible. The most common issue is an oxygen sensor malfunction, which is the part of your car that tells your car where there is enough fuel. If you ignore the light while you have this issue, you will probably see a 40% drop in mileage. This repair usually costs less than $200.

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