Is Your Car Feeling a Bit Wobbly? Here Are 4 Clues You May Need New Tires

November 7th, 2016

The tires are the backbone of your car. Without them, you wouldn't be able to get anywhere! Because these four components are so important to your vehicle, it is important you diligently keep track of their state and service your vehicle when necessary. In order to prevent a tire blowout in the middle of your next trip, here are four warning signs that you need new tires.

1. Tread wear

Generally, the treads on your tires should never fall below one-sixth of an inch. However, if you drive a manual car or are consistently driving in a wet environment, you should have about double that amount. While you can buy an expensive tire gauge to determine how much tread you have left, there is an easy -- and free! -- technique. All you need to do is grab a penny and with Lincoln's head upside down, put it between the tread blocks of the tire. If you then cannot see Lincoln's head, meaning it is buried between the tread blocks, then you have enough tread to last a couple more months.

2. The tread wear indicator bar

If you can find tires with a tread wear indicator bar, it is worth paying the increased price. These relatively newer model of tires have bars on the inside of the tire that cannot be seen when the tire is brand new. Once the tread wears down, these bars appear as flat bars running perpendicular to the treads. If you can see more than three of these, then you need new tires so head to your mechanic as soon as possible.

3. Cracks in the sidewall

Not all of the problems with your tires lie with the tread. They can also appear in the sidewall, and lucky for you, it's easy to do a visual check of the problems. Look for cuts that are visible to the naked eye, which could be a clue that your tire is developing a leak.

4. Too much vibration

While it is normal to have a certain level of vibration in your car while driving, if you notice a persistent, harsh vibration, then this is a clue something is wrong. Head to your friendly auto mechanic right away as this can signal that your tires are unbalanced, your shock absorbers are starting to go, or your entire car could be out of alignment.

Notice any of these warning signs? Chances are you need new tires, so head to Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech today!

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