Simple Car Care Tips to Follow This Winter Season - Part 1

December 15th, 2016

Winter is just around the corner and for many drivers in Washington, that means icy roads, salt corrosion, and heavy snow are coming. To make sure your car is taken care of during the winter months and your safety is not compromised in the difficult weather, follow these four simple winter car care tips.

1. Lighting

It gets darker earlier during the winter, which jeopardizes your visibility as a driver. As a result, you will want to do everything you can to ensure the lights in your car work properly and provide the brightest light possible. If the bulbs are out, fix them as soon as possible, and always make sure to brush off any snow covering the lights before you start driving. If your headlights look foggy or have a yellowish cast, head to your friendly auto mechanic for auto repairs right away.

2. Test your battery

It is harder for your car battery to operate in cold weather. In order to prevent a complete breakdown, we recommend having a volt test performed on your battery before the cold sets in to make sure the battery is in correct working order. Remember to service your vehicle now before you become stranded in your driveway or in a cold parking lot!

3. Invest in snow tires

Even if you have all-wheel drive, the feature will not help the stability of your car when you are breaking and turning. Winter tires are not only more adept at staying flexible in colder temperatures, but they provide improved traction on slippery roads. It is also important to regularly check your tire pressure because when you combine cold air and low tire pressure, you can experience premature tire wear and potential tire separation. Simply head to a tire and auto repairs service before the first snow fall to ensure your tires are in top shape for the winter season.

4. Fix the tire alignment

Mechanics recommend checking your tire alignment every 6,000 miles, or when you have your oil changed. A proper tire alignment will prevent you from slipping and sliding on icy patches while driving.

Now that winter is here, keep your eyes out for the next installment of Sea Tac Tire & Auto Techs winter car safety tips so you can stay protected this cold season!

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