Tires in Puyallup, WAAt Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech, we know that many drivers in Puyallup, WA find it tough to spend  money for an entire set of four tires. It’s always better to replace the entire set, if possible; that ensures that the tires will wear at an even rate, enhancing braking, handling and overall performance. 
However, in a pinch, it’s acceptable to replace two tires. 
Here are some rules to remember, though, if you’re replacing a pair of tires in Puyallup, WA: 
  • Replacing two tires leaves you with two tires that have excellent traction, and two mediocre tires. In Puyallup, WA, we typically experience a lot of rain every year, that means that the new tires should be put on the rear. Leaving the worn tires in front may compromise steering, but worn tires in back means that the front tires clear water from their treads easily, while the rear tires can hydroplane and kick the car’s rear end into an unexpected skid while turning. 
  • It’s advisable that you replace the other pair of tires within six months. That’s to keep the wear levels and patterns as close to equal as possible, for predictable handling and traction.
  • If replacing only two tires in Puyallup, WA, it’s essential that the size matches the two remaining tires. The new tires can differ slightly in tread design, but mixing tires of different sizes is asking for trouble in terms of handling, steering, braking and overall performance. 
Remember that one of the easiest things drivers can do to get the most out of your tires is to get them rotated regularly. A good rule of thumb for rotating tires in Puyallup, WA is to have the rotation done with every oil change. Regular rotations will keep the tread wear even, and also is prescribed in the tires’ warranty coverage. 
In addition, having your wheel alignment checked yearly (or every 12,000 miles) will go a long way toward extending the life of your tires. In Puyallup, WA (like many other places), cars can take a beating from potholes and other road hazards, and out-of-alignment wheels and front ends can chew up tires with premature, uneven wear. 
Sea Tac Tire & Auto Tech would like to be your first choice for auto maintenance and tires in Puyallup, WA -- make an appointment with us today to give your car the care it needs. 

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